Tripoli, 26 April 2017(Lana) A Libya-Russian session of talks was convened here on Tuesday, to discuss activating and upgrading exchange between the two countries in several areas including oil and gas, electricity, agriculture and transport.

The session was presided over, on the Libyan side, by the Foreign Ministry Undersecretary for Political Affairs Lutfi Al Mugherbi, and was attended by the Director of International Cooperation, the Transport Ministry Undersecretary, the Chairman of the Board of the Electricity Company, and the Chairman of the Libyan businessmen Council.

On the Russian side, the session was attended by the Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Mikhail Bugdanov, the First Deputy Minister of Industry, the Chair of the Libyan-Russian Business Council, a number of experts as well as the Russian Ambassador. The participants discussed prospects of forging mutual cooperation in several areas including dispatching experts to acquaint themselves with the progress that the Russian companies had achieved in the areas of electricity, agriculture, and oil industry with the aim of making contracts in the future. Activating exchange in the Electricity sectors between Libya and the Russian Federation was discussed at the talks, said Eng. Abdul Majeed Hamza the CEO of the Electricity Company.

In the transport area, the Transport Ministry Undersecretary told Lana they have discussed with the Russian side possible purchasing of Russian airplanes to meet the needs of domestic flight and to neighboring countries. In the agricultural sector, the Undersecretary for Agriculture said the two the Libyan representatives discussed with the Russians Russian techniques in the area of fodder industry and grain barns. In the oil and gas the Russian side explained the work of Russian companies specializing in oil and gas, and the possible exporting of Russian oil products to Libya.

LANA – Libya news agency

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