Tripoli, 9 May 2017

Tobruk’s Hariga oil export terminal has reopened after five days with the settlement of a dispute between two operating companies.

The row between the firm responsible for maritime safety and the port administration meant that no tankers could move in or out of terminal’s three berths.

It is reported that intervention last night by Tobruk elders produced a compromise and the port resume operations work today.  Loading of the Liberian-registered Gener8 Kara G was completed and the vessel left for France this evening with a million barrels of oil.

While Hariga’s location in the far east of the country has meant that it escaped damage from any fighting, even during the Revolution, its operations have been disrupted labour disputes most of these have been triggered by failure to pay employees. For instance last June the port was brought to a standstill when members of the Petroleum Facilities Guard went on strike over unpaid salaries.  When dockers threatened to strike because their salaries were late, local businessmen found the money so that their goods could be moved out of the port.

By Moutaz Ali.

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