Posted by: Ya Biladi

Morocco is ranked 69th in the world according to Doing Business 2018 released on Tuesday by the World Bank. The Kingdom is one of the leading countries in North Africa when it comes to business attractiveness, for the international financial institution.

Morocco is one of the most attractive countries in North Africa for doing business. This was confirmed today by Doing Business 2018, a report issued on Tuesday, 31st of October by the World Bank. The study ranked the Kingdom 69th in the world in a list that included 190 states.

The report is based on 10 major subindices that value and measure the attractiveness of every country for investors. When it comes to Morocco, the country was ranked 35th for starting a business, 17th in Dealing with construction permits, 72 for getting electricity, 86th for registering property, 105th in getting a credit, 62nd for protecting minority investors, 25th for paying taxes, 65th in trading across borders, 57th for enforcing contracts and 134th in resolving insolvency.

Morocco regionally

Morocco was ranked 1st in North Africa scoring 67,91 points. It was followed by Tunisia 2nd (88th in the world), Egypt 3rd (128th) and Algeria 4th (166th). In the African continent the Kingdom was positioned in the 3rd place preceded by Mauritius (25th), Rwanda 2nd (41st) and followed by Botswana 4th (81st) and South Africa 5th (82nd). In the Arab world, Morocco was ranked 3rd once again topped by EAU, 21st in the world and Bahrain 66th.

Although Morocco performed well regionally, it is obvious that it dropped in the scale losing one step forward. It was ranked 68th by the 2017 edition of Doing Business. The global ranking, however, was topped by New Zealand followed by Singapore 3rd, Denmark 4th and South Korea 5th.

The report created by the World Bank Group «measures aspects of business regulations and their implications for firm establishment and operations». Doing Business, according to the institution, «covers important areas» that allow policy makers and investors to make the right choices when doing business.