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Morocco was elected on Friday in Addis Ababa to the Peace and Security Council (PSC) of the African Union (AU), at the 32nd Ordinary Session of the Executive Council of the Pan-African organization.
Morocco, the unique candidate from the North-Africa region, was elected to the PSC for a renewable two-year term (2018-2020).

The Kingdom received 39 votes, while the minimum of votes required is 36.

The Peace and Security Council (PSC) is the standing organ of the AU for the prevention, management and resolution of conflicts.

The 30th Ordinary Session of the Assembly of Heads of State and Government of the African Union (AU) will take place from 28-29 January 2018 under the theme “Winning the Fight against Corruption: A Sustainable Path to Africa’s Transformation”.

The AU Assembly is preceded by meetings of the Permanent Representatives Committee as well as the meeting of the Executive Council.