Posted by: African Manager

According to official figures given to AfricanManager, tourist receipts get back on track and announce a promising 2018 season.

Indeed, according to these figures, relating to the period from January 1 to 20, 2018, the sector has performed, totaling already 104.8 MD, against 91.5 MD in the same period of 2017.

Therefore, the recovery would be confirmed for Tunisian tourism.

French news agency AFP quoted by the site “100% voyage” gives an example, and says that “TUI France, the leading tourist operator in the country, has tripled this summer its offer of clubs to Tunisia, which is experiencing a net increase in arrivals after an air pocket caused by the 2015 attacks.

CEO of TUI, Pascal de Izaguirre, quoted by AFP, adds “we respond to a strong demand from customers including Tunisia, by a very significant increase in our offer on this destination, with six clubs Lookea and Marmara, including four new.”