Posted by: African Manager

875 investment intentions in agriculture were reported with the Agency for the Promotion of Agricultural Investment (APIA), with a total amount of about 141 million dinars, up 38.4% in value compared to the same period of 2017, according to data released by the Ministry of Agriculture, Water Resources and Fisheries on Thursday.

This increase varies by region, reaching 31.7% in the Northeast and 191.8% in the North-West. The Mid-West, however, saw an 11.3% decline in terms of agricultural investment intentions.

The various activities maintained their traditional shares in terms of reported agricultural investments in January 2018, with the exception of the integrated primary processing activity whose contribution to the agricultural investment structure grew from 4% in January 2017 to 9% in January 2018, thanks to investment in cold storage and oil extraction.

Reported investments in the equipment sector amounted to 53.3% of all investments, reflecting investors’ desire for modernization, better performance and also taking advantage of the benefits brought about by the new investment law aimed at improving the economic performance of farms.

The value of the equipment reported for land farming reached 35.7 million dinars, of which 19.3 million dinars for the purchase of 300 tractors and 1.3 million dinars for the purchase of 5 combine- harvesters.