Posted by: Saoudi Gazette

As part of its tourism promotion campaign, Tunisia launched the 1st digital platform linking Tunisia with Gulf countries through real estate and tourism on the sideline of the Saudi International Travel and Tourism exhibition held recently in Jeddah.

The official launch was attended by Sami El Saiedy, consul general of Tunisia; Fahmy Al-Hoki, director common interests in Tunisian Ministry of Tourism; Shoukry Charrad, head of Arab markets at National Tunisian Bureau for Tourism; and Younus Inayat, CEO of Y&D Real Estate and Investment.

The new digital platform would facilitate in exchanging cultures and experiences of tourists through cultural exchanges and also to create close communication between Gulf tourists and investors in Tunisia and vice versa.

Moreover, this digital platform aims to provide one of the best possible solutions and options for investors and tourists through strategic partnerships between agencies and associations of Gulf countries with their Tunisian counterparts.

Speaking on the occasion, Shoukry Charrad said: “We are delighted to establish this platform under the umbrella of Y&D Real Estate and Investment, with its wide experience that would link the interests of our brothers in the Arabian Gulf and what Tunisia can offer in return. The collaboration would enhance common relations and would provide many investment and tourism options for both parties.”

“This initiative is a practical translation of our current trend toward digital transformation and social communication, which is also in line with Saudi Arabia and Gulf trends to push forward developmental and digital transformation at all levels,” he added.

Meanwhile, Younus Inayat, CEO of Y&D Real Estate and Investment said: “There is a vision behind launching the 1st digital platform at this time and our efforts in achieving the milestone are based on our understanding of great business opportunities that can be availed through this platform between Gulf and Tunisia.”

He stated that this platform is first of its kind in implementing digital transformation which is serving developmental process for all parties. “We will strive to facilitate both public and private sectors in Tunisia to make it first choice for investors and tourists by harnessing our expertise and capabilities to achieve common goals based on well-established researches and studies,” he said.

Saudi Arabia made a significant progress in United Nations e-Government Index, which pushes up from 90th position in 2004 to 36th rank in 2014 because of launching and activating e-Services. According to a study conducted by the Arab Institute of Foundations, the digital transformation of Tunisian institutions between 2018 and 2021 will contribute at developing the average of annual growth from 1.57 to 2.31 percent in Tunisia.

by: Saleh Fareed