Posted by: Agence Tunis Afrique Presse

The Islamic Development Bank (IDB) group has granted Tunisia a donation of $ 280,000 to be used to finance the study of the National Company of Cellulose and Paper Alfa (SNCPA) transfer from the centre of Kasserine town to the industrial zone located on the road to Tala.

President of the IDB group Bandar Al Hajjaret and Minister of Development, Investment and International Cooperation Zied Laadhari signed, on Thursday in Kasserine the technical agreement of granting this donation.

In a statement to media, Al Hajjar claimed that his institution is awaiting the results of the detailed study of the transfer project and the restructuring of the company in order to make the appropriate decision regarding the financing of the project to build the plant on the new site and possible participation of the IDB as a strategic partner in the capital of this company which has historical and economic value.

The official also reiterated the commitment of the IDB to support economic and social development in Tunisia and to work with the government and relevant ministries to strengthen the development process in the different regions of the country, including those of the interior.

It has, in the same framework, announced that the Bank will soon sign with the Tunisian government the second strategy 2018/2020 which includes a number of development projects.

For his part, Laadhari said the project to transfer the plant will provide the city of Kasserine an important land heritage (34 hectares). It also aims to protect the environment and create economic and employment opportunities in the region, he said, adding that the transfer will allow the development and modernization of the company.

In another connection, Laadhari recalled that the IDB has been involved in financing several development projects in the Kasserine region, such as the regional hospital (Type B) in the Tala delegation, with a budget of 45 million dinars ( MD), in addition to the integrated agricultural development project in Tala, whose cost is estimated at about 100 MD.