Posted by: Libya Herald

The International Conference and Exhibition for Rebuilding Benghazi will be held from 5-10 May at the city’s Tibesti hotel, organizers confirmed to Libya Herald today. They also welcomed international participation.

The conference is sponsored by the House of Representatives, the (eastern-based) Central Bank of Libya, the Municipality of Benghazi, the Benghazi Chamber of Commerce and the University of Benghazi.

Organizers said that the event will help develop a vision and plan for rebuilding Benghazi. This will be a joint effort through local authorities, businesses, social communities as well as experts and consultants in building and development.

The goals and objectives of the event are to set up a technical, economic and legal vision and plan for rebuilding the city through local and international organizations. Updating and developing existing Libyan laws and regulations to encourage the rebuilding and reconstruction of the city’s projects and infrastructure are also one of the objectives of the event.

Organizers also hope that the event will also seek to encourage partnerships between local authorities in Libya and foreign investors.

The event will follow four main themes: The legislative side and its role in the rebuilding process; the consulting, implementation and services role; the role of the economy and investment in encouraging reconstruction; and the role of social and human resources in development and rehabilitation.

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 By Sami Zaptia