Posted by: Morocco World News

Next week, the Moroccan Minister for Finance and Economy, Mohamed Boussaid, will pilot a group of senior business and government officials to London for the UK-Morocco Trade and Investment Forum.

This forum that will take place on Tuesday, March 27, at Mansion House in the heart of the city of London. The event will be held on behalf of Developing Market Associates (DMA), an organization that helps money flow into the emerging economies of the world through various vehicles and methods.

The goal of this convention is to illustrate the significant opportunity Morocco has to serve as a promoter of inward investment amongst investors and businesses in various fields, both within the country and beyond, due to its strategic location.

There will be several break-off sessions at the forum, in order to focus on various areas of interest: the Bilateral Business and Trade Relationship Between the UK and Morocco, headed by the Lord Sheikh; Current Industries (including tourism and the growth opportunities), to be headed by the founder of Gazelle Advisory Group, Dr Najat Benchiba; and the Environment, Natural Resources, and Renewable Energy, to be headed by Sir Henry Bellingham, the former Minister for Africa.

This forum not only offers opportunities for Morocco to showcase its investment opportunities, but also provides a space for delegates to network with other officials in the hopes of strengthening the relationship between Morocco and the U.K.