Posted by: Agence Tunis Afrique Presse

One billion dinars will be dedicated by the German Development Agency (GIZ) to support the process of decentralisation and deconcentration in Tunisia, announced Wednesday, Aida Tarhouni, GIZ expert and in charge of the project of support to deconcentration in Tunisia.

Speaking on the fringes of the International Conference on “Relations between State and Local Authorities in a Decentralised System,” organised by the Prime Ministry and the Interior Ministry in collaboration with GIZ, Tarhouni explained in a statement to the media, that this project to support deconcentration is to accompany ministries, including Health and Agriculture in their process of deconcentration and transfer of powers to elected local authorities.

According to Germany’s Ambassador in Tunis Andreas Reinicke, the conference marks the first and most important step of the project, which consists in helping Tunisia build its own model of decentralisation.

The German, Polish or Canadian examples can be a source of inspiration for developing a typically Tunisian model, he added, specifying that experts from several countries have contributed to this project.

“GIZ is discussing with the government the possibility and the necessary means to support decentralisation and participate in training competences in the municipalities,” said the German diplomat.

The work of the GIZ, he added, will continue after the elections on four main thrusts, including the support of municipal officials, technical support (how to prepare a budget …) and financial support (how to win money to finance some small projects).

In his remarks, Resident Director of GIZ Office in Tunisia/ Libya Matthias Giegerich pointed out that the success of decentralisation depends on achieving effective deconcentration.

The conference, organised March 28-29, was attended by MPs, public and private stakeholders, representatives of national organisations and civil society, national and international experts and media representatives.