Posted by: Forbes Middle East

African investment group, Quantum Global, recently published their annual investment index for 2018, with Morocco, Egypt and Algeria finishing first, second and third respectively.

The index uses six criteria: economic growth factors, liquidity factors, risk factors, business environment factors (doing business indicators), demographic factors and a measure of social capital using the Facebook penetration rate. Together this paints a picture of a country’s investment attractiveness in the medium term.

Morocco scored highly on indicators for doing business, the size of its economy and its social capital factor.

Egypt—Africa’s second largest economy after Nigeria and its 3rd most populous country—has recently improved its ease of doing business score, which helped push it up to second place.

Africa’s fourth largest economy, Algeria, has improved its risk profile and liquidity, as well as its business environment, ranking it third on the investment index.

Botswana, Côte d’Ivoire, South Africa, Ethiopia, Zambia, Kenya and Senegal are all in the top 10 most attractive investment destinations in Africa.