Posted by: Morocco World News

The European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (BERD) is assisting Morocco’s National Office of Electricity and Drinking Water (ONEE) in evaluating its network capacity to absorb more power from renewable energies.

BERD is currently selecting consultants who will assist the country’s grid operator, ONEE, in accessing the capacity of the very high voltage (VH) and high voltage (HV) networks, as well as that of the medium voltage (MV) and low voltage (LV) grids, in order to absorb increasing volumes of power supply from renewables.

“The assignment aims to ensure that the network injection capacity will be sufficient to preserve the VH, HV, and MV networks’ security and balance, and that the power generation and transmission system performance will not be technically and economically degraded once new renewable energy generation centers are commissioned,” declared BERD, as quoted by PV Magazine.

BERD’s assessment is part of the country’s plan to increase the share of renewable energies, in its total installed power generation capacity, to 42 percent by 2020, and 52 percent by 2030.

Morocco’s total primary energy consumption has increased by 5 percent since 2004, with an increase of 3.6 increase per capita. About one third of this consumption is devoted to electricity generation, which amounted to 36,500 gigawatt hours in 2015.

The North African country produces 28,000 gigawatt hours of electricity, while the rest is imported from Spain.

Morocco seeks to boost its production capacities, which currently stands at 6,500 megawatts, to 14,500 megawatts by 2020, with solar and wind energies each representing 2 megawatts, according to a US International Trade Administration report.