Posted by: The Libya Observer

Libya and Romania signed in Tripoli a memorandum of understanding (MoU) to build a shared security deliberations basis between the two countries.

The foreign minister of Libya Presidential Council government Mohammed Sayala said the visit of his Romanian counterpart is very significant as it comes before Romania chairs the EU, adding that the European country will do its best to support Libya.

“Libyan-Romanian committee will be activated and will have a meeting soon in Tripoli, besides the meetings that will take place between the two countries’ technical commissions.” Sayala explained.

The Romanian FM hailed the relations between his country and Libya in their 44th year and renewed support for the Presidential Council government and for the upcoming elections in Libya, wishing that the country would soon regain stability.

“Romania is ready to exchange expertise with Libya regarding the transitional phase and to provide support in different fields including education and health sectors.” The Romanian FM added.

He added that after his country chairs the EU, it will exert efforts in cooperation with EU members to help secure Libya’s southern borders.