Posted by: Agence Tunis Afrique Presse

The Sfax seawater desalination plant will be operational by 2021, said Abdallah Rabhi, Secretary of State for water resources and fisheries.

Speaking during a working visit to the governorate of Sfax, Rabhi stressed “that a committee will be created at the level of the governorate of Sfax for monitoring the progress of the project.

Referring to the issue of drinking water supply during the summer season, the Secretary of State announced the establishment of a committee at the levels of the governorate of Sfax, police stations and delegations. It will be in charge of examining ways to support associations of common interest located south of the governorate, a region that has experienced problems last year, he said.

He added that efforts will be made to avoid a water shortage in the Kerkennah delegation, in addition to accelerating the rate of completion of the seawater desalination plant project, which will start in 2019, he went on saying.

During his visit, Rabhi inspected the port of Louza-El Ouata (delegation of Jbeniana) and the delegation of El Hancha, in addition to the irrigated area of Chaaleb (delegation of Menzel Chaker).