Posted by: Morocco World News

The Moroccan American Network will host its third annual CEO Summit entitled, “Shaping the Future of Africa: Challenges and Prospects,” on May 10, 2018 in Washington D.C.   

The focus of the summit will be to share ideas to help small businesses succeed in the U.S., Africa and internationally.

“We will be engaging in dialogue and exchange of ideas for macro-opportunities, such as investments, as well as micro-opportunities, in areas such as infrastructure and health, and creating an environment where business leaders can meet other business leaders” said Mohamed El Hajjam, CEO of AV Actions Inc. and President of the Moroccan American Network.

The upcoming summit will have U.S. Congressman Don S. Beyer, Jr. (D-VA) and the Honorable Robert White, Councilman-at-Large for the D.C. government as special guest speakers, along with His Excellency Carlos Dos Santos, Ambassador to the U.S. from the Republic of Mozambique, and David Newman, Ambassador to the U.S. from Botswana, as Guests of Honor.

Creating an attractive business environment that encourages investment is a key factor for African countries wishing to succeed in attracting capital. Every year the World Bank publishes a global ‘Doing Business’ ranking of countries’ business environment, rating them based on how easy it is to start a company, raise finance, get connected to the power grid and other key indicators for entrepreneurs.

The World Bank publishes a parallel ranking of the countries that have pushed through the most business-friendly reforms. Five African countries — Kenya, Mauritania, Senegal, Benin and Uganda, feature among the top ten on the list.

Over the past decade significant advances have been made in the establishment of various Free Trade Agreements (FTA). Morocco’s FTA with the United States, in effect since January 1, 2006, has been effective in increasing trade.

In 2017, U.S. exports to Morocco totaled USD 2.1 billion, a cumulative increase of 337 percent since the FTA came into effect. Conversely, imports from Morocco totaled USD 1.2 billion, a cumulative increase of 642 percent since the FTA came into effect. (Source: United States Census Bureau)

Free trade agreements promote commercial opportunities and provide a springboard for small business growth.

With small business as its main focus, the Moroccan American Network presents dialogue, forums, and events, serves as a platform to educate the American public, U.S. media, and U.S. government officials about business and investment opportunities, and to connect the American, African-American, and African small business and media communities.