Posted by: Xinhuanet

Tunisia’s cooperation with China will bring peace, prosperity and development, Mohamed Sahbi Basly, former Tunisian Ambassador to China, said in a recent exclusive interview with Xinhua.

“Tunisia’s cooperation with China will help create jobs, fight against terrorism and put an end to uncontrolled migratory flows between the north and south of Mediterranean,” Basly said.

As president of Mediterranean Organization for the Silk Road, Basly inaugurated his organization in Tunis in early May, whose essential objective “is to popularize the culture of Silk Road to European, Arab and African decision-makers, and to establish strong cultural ties.”

“China is a real locomotive of the world economy, in parallel with a certain American protectionism,” said Basly.

“China’s Belt and Road Initiative is a strong message,” said the Tunisian official, adding that China reaches out hand to everyone to share wealth, especially to the countries in Africa, Arab world, Southeast Asia and Latin America.

“Tunisia will find its place on the Silk Road,” emphasized Basly.

Referring to the Mediterranean region, Basly said it is not “a lake of peace and security,” but faces a multitude of conflicts among ethnic groups, religions as well as conflicts on political and economic issues.

“Thus, the Euro-Mediterranean dialogue would have no way out, especially after the latent economic crisis since 2008 and 2011 Arab Spring,” said Basly.

To get out of this vicious circle, Basly proposed that China could help boost the spirit of solidarity, tolerance, and cultural exchange in the region.

As for the benefits of Tunisia, Basly hoped his country “will recover its Mediterranean dimension and will be at the center of a Euro-Mediterranean dialogue resized on the basis of equality.”

By: Li Xia