Posted by: Morocco World News

Experienced travelers and beauty seekers have known for decades that Morocco, with its gorgeous landscapes and multicultural heritage, is an alluring and enlightening travel destination.

The North African country is getting some good publicity. Australians are drawn to Morocco’s adventurous side as they have named the Kingdom the 5th best adventure travel destination, according to the new Adventure Travel Index compiled by Intrepid.

“Camel rides through the Sahara, the stunning Atlas Mountains and the pulsating energy of Marrakech are just a few highlights of mint-tea filled Morocco. From the medieval old town of Fes to the spice markets of Marrakech, the rich history and natural beauty of Morocco await,” wrote the website.

The travel site also praised the collision between old and new expressed in Morocco’s architecture and artwork, encouraging Australian travellers to learn about “fallen cities and cross paths with nomadic trips” and “to jump in and discover the many mysteries and legends concealed within this moody, ever-changing landscape.”

Morocco’s fifth place follows Vietnam (1), Peru (2), India (3) and Cambodia (4) as Aussies’ favourite adventure travel destinations from 2016 to 2017. Morocco displaced Cuba, now in sixth place.However, Iceland, Croatia and China are new to the top 20 in 2017 where Cuba has moved down to one place from the 5th (Morocco’s actual spot) to the 6th , and Nepal has risen two spots, from the 10th to the 8th.

The report, which aims to “share insights into the fast-growing adventure travel sector; challenge the dated stereotypes of adventure travellers, and redefines this growing sector within the tourism industry” combines the Intrepid’s travel figures with externally-commissioned qualitative research.