Posted by: Agence Tunis Afrique Presse

The Tunisian olive oil has been once again distinguished at the international scale by wining 4 medals (1 gold and 3 silver).

This distinction took place during the 3rd Extra Virgin Olive-International Olive Oil Contest “Evo-IOOC” held on May 14-19 in Capaccio Paestum (Italy).

The gold medal was won by Karim Fitouri’s “Olivko” and the three silver medals by Domaine Ben Ismail’s “Triomphe Thuccabor,” Nizar Haj Amor’s “Emeraude” and the north west oil Company “Oliviette,” according to the Exports Promotion Centre (CEPEX).

This number of medals testifies to the importance of the olive oil sector and the development of the industry and good quality of the Tunisian olive oil, Fitouri told TAP.

The event is an internatioal contest organised by famous Italian jury Dr. Antonio G. Lauro and VINAR SA Argentina, in collaboration with Associazione Oleum and Voglia di Viaggiare Eventi.