Posted by: Agence Tunis Afrique Presse

Two partnership agreements were signed Tuesday in Tunis between Tunisian and French agricultural organisations to support the implementation of the Adaptation to Climate Change in Vulnerable Territories Programme (PACTE) in the governorates of Bizerte, Kef, Kairouan, Siliana and Sidi Bouzid, with a budget of €50 million (about 150 million dinars).

Funded by the French Development Agency (AFD), this programme, whose duration is estimated at 6 years from 2018, aims to contribute to the efforts made by the Tunisian government to develop vulnerable and particularly ecologically and socially sensitive territories.

The first agreement was signed between the Directorate-General for Planning and Conservation of Agricultural Land (ACTA) under the Ministry of Agriculture and the French Network of Public Agricultural Expertise, Food and Rural development (ADECIA).

As for the second agreement, it was concluded between ACTA and the French Centre for International Co-operation in Agronomic Research for Development (CIRAD).

These two agreements aim to improve the capacity of the Tunisian Ministry of Agriculture to conduct integrated rural development projects balancing the general interest and special interests.

They also aim to design and support the emergence and gradual structuring of a network of consultation platforms and territorial development planning involving a diversity of actors from central to local level organized into a network of production and sharing of knowledge about the territory.

They also provide for proposing, strategically planning and implementing actions and investments related to the management of natural resources.

Among the expected results of these two agreements are the development and reinforcement of Tunisian expertise to master the tools and methods necessary for consultation, planning and governance of territorial development.

Another expected result: the establishment of an inclusive consultation and planning mechanism for territorial development in the areas of intervention of the programme for adaptation to climate change in vulnerable territories (PACTE).

The actions of the two agreements, which will be carried out over a period of 3 years and a half, will be financed through a donation from AFD of around € 1,170 million and a contribution from the French International Environmental Fund (FFEM) up to €1.620 million.

Speaking at the signing ceremony of the two agreements, Agriculture, Water Resources and Fisheries Minister Samir Taieb said the programme will help overcome climate change problems in vulnerable areas, recalling that these problems affect the entire planet and especially the Mediterranean.

He said that French organisations are “privileged” partners in the fight against climate change, adding that Tunisian-French co-operation in this area will be of considerable benefit for small farmers in vulnerable regions.