Posted by: Morocco World News

Eaton, a world leader in electrical power management, and Schiele Morocco, a distributor of electrical and electronic products and an industrial engineering firm, have signed a strategic partnership agreement.

The agreement will allow Eaton to sell its products and solutions throughout Morocco, primarily to the service and industrial sectors, for distribution of electrical products and low voltage power plants, the two companies said in a release.

With a strong focus on security, Eaton will rely on Schiele Morocco’s expertise to provide high-quality and secure solutions for the electricity sector.

Eaton, led by General Director for North Africa and French Africa Kassem Benhaddou, has increased  its Africa-based business and labor tenfold since Eaton began operating in Africa in 2007. The company follows the dynamics of Morocco’s development, especially in renewable energy infrastructure, industry, and tertiary field.

Eaton has a plant in Midparc de Casablanca on a plot larger than 15,000 square meters and employs 300 people. The facility is a pilot production site for batteries, energy storage systems, hydromagnetic switches, inverter accessories, and electronic cards.

Schiele Morocco, led by Salaheddine Kadmiri, is one of the leaders in electricity distribution, the manufacture of electrical panels and cabinets, automation development, industrial control, renewable energy, and telecommunications.