Posted by: Agence Tunis Afrique Presse

Experts from the World Bank (WB) and Bureau Expertise France said Tuesday in Tunis, the establishment of the mechanism of identification of public projects and monitoring would make Tunisia the first country to use this mechanism.

During a working session on the review of the progress of the establishment of this mechanism, they emphasised that it will establish a database of projects to be studied on the basis of objective criteria, while taking into account economic, social and regional performance as well as modes of financing them.

The mechanism for identifying and monitoring public projects is implemented in cooperation with Express France. This mechanism supports the work of the National Committee for the Approval of Public Projects (CNAPP), as part of the technical support provided by the World Bank.

Zied Laadhari, Minister of Investment, Development and International Cooperation emphasised the importance of this project, which modernises the area of project governance and public investment by focusing on the development priorities of the project of the country, particularly in terms of the profitability of these projects.

He emphasised the need for objective measures in the identification and selection of projects to be conform to the current and future priorities, objectives and challenges of Tunisia. He also stressed the need to set a timetable for the implementation of major projects, namely the mechanism for identifying public projects and their monitoring, and to apply it as soon as possible.