Posted by: Agence Tunis Afrique Presse

Tunisia’s adherence to the international Open Government Partnership (OGP) programme, that involves 80 countries and promotes budget transparency, access to information, heritage declaration and civil liberties, has been maintained, announced Director-General of the Electronic Administration Unit at the Prime Ministry Khaled Sellami in a statement to TAP.

Tunisia has managed to improve its score by 13 points out of 16 points in order to remain eligible for this programme, which it joined in 2014.

Above all, it gained two additional points in terms of budget transparency, following the 2016 audit report of the International Budget Partnership (IBP) experts.

According to Sellami, Tunisia got 4 points out of 4 in terms of budget transparency, 4 points out of 4 as regards access to information, 2 points out of 4 in terms of heritage declaration and 3 out of 4 points in civil liberties. Each member country of the programme is scored on 4 points for each criterion.

Tunisia has been threatened with leaving the OGP programme because of the delay in the publication of the budget closure reports over the past four years. The programme requires the publication of budget closure reports 18 months after each fiscal year.

Being part of the OGP programme testifies to compliance with international standards for financial transparency. This allows the country to exchange expertise to strengthen citizen participation and also develop transparency and good governance and thus attract more investors and win the trust of international partners, said Sellami.

Tunisia’s score could increase further, according to him, after the adoption of the bill on heritage declaration and fight against illicit enrichment and conflict of interests in the public sector, currently examined by the House of People’s Representatives.