Posted by: Agence Tunis Afrique Presse

Tunisia topped African countries mobile broadband ranking with the fastest mobile connection in the continent but is ranked 70th in the world out of 124 countries in the Speedtest Global Index for June 2018 (

The Speedtest Global Index is one of many others that shows that mobile data is doing well in Tunisia.

In fact, the number of subscribers rose to 7.65 millions, i.e. a 66% penetration rate (May 2018), the Ministry of Communication Technologies and Digital Economy said on Friday.

The Speedtest Index is based on the download speed with a world average standing at 23.54 Mbps; mobile internet dowload speed in Tunisia is close with 18.54 Mbps.

Morocco is ranked second (75th in the world) in this index followed by Kenya (79th).

Qatar, Norway and the United Arab Emirates topped rankings with 63.22 Mbps, 62.14 Mbps and 54.67 Mbps, respectively.

As for fixed broadband speeds, the Speedtest Global Index ranked Tunisia 14th in Africa and 123rd in the world (out of 133 countries) with a download speed of 7.48 Mbps, that is well below the world average (46.25 Mbps).

The number of fixed broadband subscriptions is of 920 thousands, that is a 31% penetration rate (May 2018).

Ghana topped Africa rankings with a download speed of 22.66 Mbps, followed by Kenya (15.33 Mbps), Mauritius (14.71 Mbps) and Morocco (12.56 Mbps).

Singapore (180.57 MBps), Hong Kong (150.7 Mbps) and Iceland (148.95 Mbps) dominate world rankings.