Posted by: Morocco World News

The Mediterranean Automobile Industry Society (SMEIA), the exclusive Moroccan importer of BMW, has reconfirmed its commitment to an eco-activist cause, launching a new hybrid range.

BMW iPerformance is composed of two new models: the BMW 530e and the BMW 740Le. The range combines the fundamental characteristics of comfort, luxury, and pleasure with the latest hybrid technologies available in the BMW brand. The price positioning remains in pursuit of customer satisfaction; ergo, the range is “the Hybrid at the price of diesel.”

The release of the range comes at a convenient time, specifically in relation to recent developments in the Moroccan market. Tax incentives and a newly-implemented charging infrastructure on the national motorway network prompted the launch of the new environmentally-friendly series.

The charging connection to the high voltage battery is placed on the front left side panel protected by the hatch, highlighting the innovative drive concept within the iPerformance range.

Drivers can experience the best of both worlds with the sport comfort and eco pro settings under the driving experience control switch, but what is particularly exceptional about the new series is the ability to further fine-tune the system. With the BMW eDrive system three additional driving modes are provided: Auto eDrive, Max eDrive and Battery Control.

Auto eDrive allows a dual interaction between the conventional engine and electric to facilitate optimal driving situations and an all-electric top speed reaching 90 kilometers per hour. Max eDrive, on the other hand, utilizes only electric power, reaching a maximum of 140 kilometers per hour.

Battery control mode facilitates a manual control of the charge level of the battery as target values can be set anywhere between 30 and 100 percent. By reserving a portion of the battery, the vehicle maintains a constant charge, thus increasing reserves of electric energy and allowing conservation possibilities.

By conserving fuel and producing less CO2 emissions, the future of automobiles is in hybrid technologies. The environmentally-friendly incentives coupled with financial advantages prompt a reduced dependency on fossil fuels, ultimately aiding future generations with cleaner air and affordable fuel prices.

By Dil Bola