Posted by: Agence Tunis Afrique Presse

“Two megaprojects to improve the business climate and promote the water system in Tunisia would be funded by a donation by US government agency” Millennium Challenge Corporation “(MCC),” Zied Lâadhari, Minister of Development, Investment and International Co-operation said Wednesday.

Speaking to reporters on the sidelines of his participation in a consultative debate on the “Compact” program in co-operation with the US agency (MCC), the minister pointed out that the first megaproject proposal concerns the creation of a single electronic platform for the company.

“The goal is to digitize the entire process from the creation of the company until its development and simplify administrative procedures,” he said, adding that this project will revolutionise the relationship between the administration and entrepreneurs.

Laadhari said this project, which will face several resistances and difficulties, will double the tax revenue and will ensure the traceability and transparency of operations.

Regarding the second project proposal, the minister said it aims to promote the Tunisian water system through projects in the north and south to mobilise water resources and streamline the system.

The two project proposals are discussed during the consultative debate between representatives of government structures, the private sector, national organisations and experts.

Once formulated in detail, they will be presented to the MCC Board of Directors for approval.

In his remarks, Daniel Rubinstein, Ambassador of the United States in Tunisia pointed out that Tunisia was chosen among the countries eligible to receive assistance from the MCC under the program called “Compact” according to its performance and its compliance with the rigorous standards of good governance and economic freedoms.

“We are confident that Tunisia will make good use of the funding it will receive to alleviate major constraints to economic growth and promote sustainable development,” he pointed out.

In this context, he recalled that in March 2018, a grant agreement worth $ 7.95 million was signed to assist Tunisia in the detailed development of the “Compact” programme.