Posted by: Agence Tunis Afrique Presse

The effective start in the commercial port of Rades of the Terminal Operating System (TOS)- based operation project ushered in a new phase.

TOS will help improve container management, enhance the efficiency and quality of services and shorten vessel waiting times.

Making Tuesday a field visit to the commercial port of Rades, Premier Youssef Chahed familiarised with the components of the new system designed to rationalise port operation by means of using rubber-tyred gantry (RTG) cranes, widening wharves to increase the port’s capacity and profitability and putting in place a management and monitoring system as well as and smart stevedoring and handling mechanisms.

Chahed also enquired about SmartGate, an automated system for the management of containers and tractors, and ordered it to be fully operational in two weeks’ time.

He also urged all stakeholders to preserve the minimum achieved over the last two months in connection to vessel waiting time, that is hardly none.

The Premier told reporters the port of Rades is at the heart of economic activity in Tunisia with 60% of the present container traffic level and 78% of tractors’. To this end, the government worked out an ambitious programme with 85 MTD in funding to improve port productivity and trade and economic activity in the country.

The programme is geared towards developing wharves, reopening quays 6 and 7 and starting the operation of wharves 8 and 9 by late of 2018.

TOS will help customers remotely monitor the carriage of containers, the PM said.

The port will see its capacity scaled up from 9,500 containers to 16,500. Likewise, its lifting capacity will rise from 7 containers/hour to 13, so as to attain the target of no wait times.