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MAGHREB PHARMA Expo 2018 is an annual exhibition taking place in Algeria that contributes to business meetings between pharmaceutical manufacturing suppliers (machinery, ingredients, packaging, cleanroom, engineering services, air treatment, regulatory & training services) and North African pharmaceutical manufacturers and investors.

This trade show was initially created to follow the amazing development of Algerian local pharmaceutical manufacturing capacities and has now become an international event and the largest pharma-tech Expo & Conference in Africa. With a market worth more than 3.7 billion $US in 2017, Algeria is now ranked officially Africa’s #1 pharmaceutical market in value (BMI Research) and the country went from 25% pharmaceutical products manufactured locally to more than 60% in a period of five years.

The organizer of MAGHERB PHARMA Expo, Olivier-Hicham Allard, having himself an Industrial Pharmacy background, tells us: “The objective of MAGHREB PHARMA Expo is to push for local pharmaceutical manufacturingto empower African countries by making them less dependent from drug importation.African countries have the human resources, skills and capacities to run factories that can cover at least 80 % of their pharmaceutical needs. The ‘ Import-Import’ business model belongs to the past and we hope that both local investors and Big Pharma will hear that message that the time has come to invest and build pharmaceutical plants in Africa.”

The event generates each year onsite deals worth several dozens of millions of US$ in manufacturing projects and building of new factories. This is due to the ‘one-stop shop’ concept of the Expo as Olivier-Hicham Allard tells us: “If you have the financial capacity and the technical team around you to do it, you enter inside MAGHREB PHARMA Expo on Day 1 and you exit with a factory concept on Day 3. Its that simple. Should it be for generic drug, biotech, food supplements or even dermo-cosmetics, all the suppliers are there and they all already do business in Africa.

MAGHREB PHARMA Expo 2018 is taking place from 17 to 19 September in Algiers Exhibition Fairground, more than 2500 visiting pharmaceutical professionals and decision makers from North and West Africa will meet 210 exhibitors from 28 countries on 9000 m² and will be able to attend 35 free-to-attend high level conferences.

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