Posted by: Agence Tunis Afrique Presse

The National carrier Tunisair signed a “Code Share” agreement with the Royal Jordanian to market and sell an unlimited number of seats on Royal Jordanian flights between Tunisia and Amman.

This agreement offers Tunisair travelers the opportunity to board Royal Jordanian aircrafts from Tunis to Amman, knowing that Tunisair does not have Tunis-Amman flights, while its Jordanian counterpart provides 5 weekly flights between the two capitals, according to a Tunisair statement, released Thursday.

Travelers can also continue their journeys on the Company’s aircrafts to 45 destinations directly in its airspace via Amman and more than 1,000 international cities through the global aviation agreement “Oneworld”.

They will be able to make their reservations and purchase their tickets on the Royal Jordanian at Tunisair points of sale, namely the official website of the Company, the points of sale and the various authorised travel agencies.

Tunisair CEO, Elyes Mnakbi, stressed that this agreement will make of the two capitals crossing points from Tunisia to several destinations in European and African countries as well as North America on the one hand, and from Amman to the Middle East and the Asian countries, on the other hand.

Director General and Executive Chairman of Royal Jordanian Stefan Pichler emphasised the role of this new trade agreement in facilitating passenger traffic between the two countries, while offering greater travel choices of travels on the level of the number of flights between Amman and Tunisia as well as schedules.

This new agreement will bring the number of agreements established between the Royal Jordanian and the various Arab and international aviation companies, under the Code Share, to 16, including agreements with American Airlines, British Airways, Ibiria Spanish …, which proves the trust granted in the national company.

The Share Code is a commercial partnership signed between two airlines to share services on the same route. The company offers additional links (but at the same price), which allows it to become an important part of the market.

The Share Code agreements offer the opportunity for air companies to serve a large number of cities, through a network of other partner airlines, without resorting to integrating new flights or launching a new airline.