Posted by: Agence Tunis Afrique Presse

According to the Ministry of Agriculture, Water Resources and Fisheries official and final results, the cereal harvest in Tunisia for the 2017/2018 reached 14.1 million quintals, against a preliminary forecast of 14.3 million quintals at the beginning of the harvest season, with 520 thousand ha damaged by the rain deficit.

The average productivity of the crop for this season is 18 quintals per hectare, the ministry specified.

The breakdown of the harvest by variety shows that durum wheat reached 9.6 million quintals, soft wheat (1.1 million quintals), barley (3.1 million quintals) and triticale (191 thousand quintals).

By regions, the northern governorates carved out the lion’s share with a production volume of 12.3 million quintals, while midland and south governorates only collected 1.8 million quintals.

The quantities of cereals collected at the end of August 2018 amounted to 7.75 million quintals, compared to 8.13 million quintals the same period last season.

The same statistics revealed that 6.35 million quintals of durum, 482 thousand quintals of soft wheat, 897 thousand quintals of barley and 9,746 quintals of triticale were collected.

The governorate of Béja is in the lead with 2 million quintals collected, followed by the governorate of Bizerte (2nd) 1.68 million quintals and Jendouba (3rd) 1.23 million quintals.