Posted by: Agence Tunis Afrique Presse

The “MeetAfrica” programme, an ambitious pilot programme that has been underway for nearly two years, has helped several young Algerians, Cameroonians, Malians, Moroccans, Senegalese and Tunisians graduating from French higher education or to create companies with a strong technological nature or innovative solutions in their country of origin.

Some 80 laureates out of 279 African graduates from French or German higher education received funding, supervision and support in the framework of this project which aims to support the African diaspora of the aforementioned countries in the creation of innovative companies in their country of origin: Tunisia (15), Algeria (16), Cameroon (13), Mali (6), Morocco (22) and Senegal (8).

This project has been funded by the European Union and the International Center for Migration Policy Development (ICMPD) for € 1.7 million and co-financed by the French Ministry of Europe and Foreign Affairs.

The objective of MeetAfrica is to offer a solid support to these young students, researchers and professionals trained in Europe who consider entrepreneurship as a path to professional integration and who wish to create a company in their native country, allowing them to value the skills acquired during their studies,” said Camille Constans, MeetAfrica programme Co-ordinator and representative of” Expertise France “.

These Diasporas represent a strong potential for innovation and economic development from which countries of the South would like to benefit.

Through their various projects, these young people create jobs and more largely contribute concretely to the development of their countries of origin, she said.

The support within the framework of this programme, was done through actions of coaching and advice, in order to consolidate the first idea of ​​the project, its maturation to demonstrate its technical feasibility, its incubation to make sure of the economic integration in the country and finally to facilitate access to finance.

40 of the programme’s laureates gather in Tunis from 12 to 14 September to network and participate in a customized training cycle, covering key topics related to the launch stage of their activity.