Posted by: Morocco World News

French fish canner Chancerelle will open a second €4 million plant in Laayoune, southern Morocco, for its Connetable sardine brand.

The plant covers an area of 4,000 square meters and would employ 100 people, reported the French outlet Les Echos Wednesday, September 12.

The French Chancerelle company, known by its main brand Connetable, has settled in theport of Agadir, Morocco, since 2009. The company’s plant in Agadir accounts for 15% of its turnover for exports.

“This site will allow us to transform sardines as soon as the boats dock to maintain the cold chain and control their quality as quickly as possible,” said Chancerelle’s CEO Jean-François Hug.

The process will consist of cleaning, eviscerating, and placing sardines in ice before transporting them by truck to the Chancerelle cannery in Agadir, according to the French outlet.

Some 30 Moroccan fishing trawlers signed agreements with the French company to provide it with sardines. Chancerelle will provide trawlers ice necessary for the conservation of fish on board.

Nearly half of the sardines processed and canned by Chancerelle are processed in its factory in Agadir, named Belma, which has more than 1,000 employees, added the French outlet.

The company generated a turnover of €145 million in 2017 and 150 million manufactured boxes.

According to Hug, Chancerelle hopes “to become the favorite brand of French canned fish” in 2018. To reach the goal, Chancerelle invested €3 million in 2017 and €6 million in 2018.

The cannery has put in place a corporate social responsibility (CSR) policy, which now allows it to recover 90 percent of its waste.

In addition to Chancerelle’s main production of sardines, the canning company also processes mackerel, cod liver, and tuna.