Posted by: Morocco World News

CGEM, Morocco’s leading conglomerate of entrepreneurs, has urged Moroccan small business owners to adapt to the growing demands of the digitized global market.

The body organized a two-day-long summer university in Casablanca September 28-29 to highlight the role of entrepreneurship in socio-economic change. According to CGEM, the event was part of a wider plan to convince Moroccan enterprises to adjust to the shifting landscape of global business.

In its report of CGEM’s principal motives for organizing the Casablanca summer university, Moroccan outlet Aujourd’hui le Maroc explained that CGEM hoped to convince attendees that, in the era of technological advances and the knowledge economy, Moroccan businessmen must understand the importance of entrepreneurship for growth.

Facilitating an annual meeting of business leaders, young professionals, emerging entrepreneurs and investors, this year’s summer university sought to drive social and economic change with an emphasis on innovation.Under the title “A Strong Enterprise, a Winning Morocco,” the Casablanca summer university also invited business the opportunity to attract investors.

During the event, a number of panelists, government officials, and business leaders showcased the positive changes in Morocco’s business world despite persisting bureaucratic obstacles.

CGEM’s message of adaptation comes while Morocco’s new development model envisions boosting investments in innovation and the knowledge economy. The plan also hopes to provide administrative and financial incentives to investors and entrepreneurs.

Speaking at the event on Saturday, Morocco’s economy minister, Mohamed Benchaaboun, promised government action to help develop Morocco’s business sector. Benchaaboun said that his department is working on a “Small Business Act” which, if implemented, will increase investor confidence and energize Morocco’s emerging startups.

By Tamba François Koundouno