TAP, the official Tunisian News Agency  reported that CEO of National Oil Office Chokri Bayoudh said that the Canadian market became the largest market for packaged Tunisian olive oil.   

A good number of Tunisian exporters succeeded steady partnerships in this market leading to the export of 766 tons of packaged olive oil during the last two months of 2018. Mr Bayoudh stated that, reported from the same source, the Tunisian olive oil is exported to more than 55 countries around the world and it is being appreciated and increasingly on demand more than ever. He expects more growth for the next season.

Consequently, Tunisia aims to export more than 22,000 tons of olive oil during 2018/2019 season, compared to 18,700 tons in the latest season. The National Oil Office will open its outlets after February 20 in order to help oil plants selling their products.

Considering this growing business, entrepreneur in Tunisia are aware of the developing touristic aspect of olive oil, and they are working on learning more about the oleo tourism (olive oil tourism) and exploring how to apply it in the country.

Olive oil is one of the most precious and beneficial oils in the world. It has been used widely since the old times for different purposes among which cooking and cosmetics.  

The origin of olive trees is believed to be Mediterranean, although many research conducted over the years indicates that it might have other origins.

Tunisia, with its more than one third olive trees planted lands, has among the finest olive oil quality in the world. For that olive oil plays an important role in the country’s economy.

Tunisian olive oil exports Statistics between 2006 and 2016 show that the largest export market remains Europeana accounting fro 65%. The European market is shared by Italy, France, and Spain. Oddly, while olive oil exporters succeed in far markets such as Canada and Japan, Tunisian olive oil sales in the UK remain below expectations.

Turkey’s imports of Tunisian olive oil are set to 4%  and , 2% for Argentina, Morocco and Syria of the overall Tunisian olive oil exports. Furthermore, it is important  to mention that Tunisian packaged olive oil has been developing its markets over the years and has reached more than 50 markets.By: Khaoula GUESMI