According to a U.S. News & World Report ranking the best countries for education, Tunisia ranks 63rd worldwide, 8th in the Arab countries (after UAE, Qatar, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Morocco, and Oman), and 4th in Africa (after South Africa, Egypt, and Morocco).

The best education systems remain in North America and in Europe where the top ten countries with the best education are located: USA, UK, Canada, Germany, France, Switzerland, Australia, Sweden, Netherlands, and Denmark.

Today, following the Coronavirus Pandemic, the education system will be revolutionized and reshaped. The challenges and reforms are imperative to meet the new changing Era. As stated by the report “Education may be slow to change, but the post-coronavirus economy will demand it.”

*The 2020 Best Countries for Education are ranked based on a perception-based global survey, which used a compilation of scores from three equally weighted country attributes: having a well-developed public education system, whether people would consider attending university there and if that country provides a top-quality education.