About Us

Maghreb Watch is an effort to post up to date articles, sometimes with commentary, about Maghreb business news.

Maghreb Watch is owned and developed by Maghreb Frontiers.

Maghreb Frontiers is committed to building the Maghreb and aims to contribute its share within the business and nonprofit sectors.

Maghreb Frontiers is a business development consultancy specializing in helping governments, corporations, and nonprofit organizations break in the Maghreb market or develop potent linkages with the outside world (if they are from the Maghreb).
Relying on its network, Maghreb Frontiers puts together the right team of country, sector, and commodity experts to carry out projects.
Missions consist of developing new approaches to resolve complex problems, implement new ideas inspired by the advent of technology or the result of a collective innovative approach.
Maghreb Frontiers uses powerful methods combining investigative market research, networking, and lobbying in order to ensure results.

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